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His Journey – Listen to Edward’s story

Edward is a 65 year old man who had a radical prostatectomy with a robotic approach. Edward was left with very little erectile function and after a lot of research, he opted for a Penile Implant. Edward had his implant in 2017.

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How was erectile dysfunction affecting your life?

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How was Erectile Dysfunction Affecting Your Life?

As a person with a very high sex drive, not being able to have an erection made me feel inadequate, with a loss of confidence and I was almost at the point of depression.

Discuss why you choose an implant to restore your erectile dysfunction?

Discuss Why you Chose an Implant to Restore Your Erectile Dysfunction?

I had prostate cancer which leaves you not able to get an erection. I tried all the various medications. The injection was always a hit-and-miss and therefore I decided to research and find out more about penile implants and I’m very happy with what the procedure has delivered for me.

Does the implant feel natural or affect the way in which you have sex?

Does The Implant Feel Natural or Affect The Way in Which You Have Sex?

Not at all, it feels very natural. I’m not uncomfortable with it and sometimes I have to think if I have one or not, it’s that natural!

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